Today, a genetic scan can show how genetically disposed we are to developing conditions such as heart disease. Using genetic profiling, early action can result in prolonged health and wellbeing. StoreGene is part of an initiative that performs genetic profiling for coronary heart disease (CHD), combining traditional risk calculators with our own genetic risk calculator to provide a comprehensive risk profile.

Evidence suggests genetic information offers a clinically significant contribution to detection and treatment of coronary heart disease and heart attacks. Knowing genetic risk of a heart attack can help assess overall risk, which is the first step in planning your preventive and heart-healthy lifestyle. However, lifestyle change still remains the best defence against coronary heart disease and heart attacks.

Professor Steve Humphries BHF Chair of Cardiovascular Genetics

“It is of course important that clinicians have access to the most accurate risk information about a patient so that they can make better informed decisions on the patient’s treatment”.

A number of factors can increase the risk of getting heart disease, such as diabetes, smoking and high cholesterol. Heart disease still remains one of the biggest killers in the developed world.

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Using genetic data along with conventional risk factors (e.g. Framingham risk score) provides a much more detailed and comprehensive 10 year risk profile for heart disease.

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